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Rose Card

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Made this rose card tonight, when husband said I needed to send a card to his mother tomorrow, for her birthday.

Rose Card

I’m sure my husband thought I would have to go out and buy a card, but I told him what did he think I did with all my craft junk?  Duh, I make cards!  So I whipped this up in about an hour, since my room is not 100% organized yet, and I’m still experimenting with placement.  Had to search for a few things, and discovered that several ink pads are getting dry, ugh!  Guess I’ll have to buy a few at convention.

Anyway, it’s an A2 card, I generally make this size.  Pastel purple background, with a matte white background.  I took a cottonball, and swabbed some SU fuschia chalk on the white, then used a chalk eraser, (and ruler), to make the lattice background.  Cut to fit, and wrapped the ribbon around, before glueing.

After I got this ready, I used the WIMG cartridge to cut a rose border (funct key), and cut at 3″, I think it was.  Had to size up, and I think this is what worked.  Then I used pink embossing PUFF powder, to color in the petals.  (This is the heat emboss powder.)  Had a little baggie from a convention, a few years ago, and never used it.  I do like the effect.

For the finishing touches, I cut a small piece of ribbon, to tie a bow around the already attached ribbon, stamped the word “joy” (SU), in SU garden green, and “Happy Birthday”, on the inside, in the same color.  It still needed something, so I took a Distress pad, and lightly inked the sides, in a light brown.  I wanted to put a ribbon slide on, instead of the bow, but I didn’t have any handy.  In fact, I don’t know where I put the few that I have.  Could have die cut one, but I really was trying to get it finished.

At first I didn’t know if the green pad would work, but it stamped great.  I store all my pads upside down, except the new ones that are made so you don’t have to.  This was an old pad, which I seem to have many old ink pads, and I will have to check them all out.  Many are dried out, or close to it.  When I inked the stamp, it didn’t look very wet, I was surprised it worked so well.

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Temporary Garage Craft Room

September 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Garage CraftingI haven’t posted in a while, because I’ve been busy cleaning my “real” craft room, the past few weeks.  Here are a few pictures of my temporary “garage” craft room.

in the garage

And really this is more of a Cricut crafting center, as it is the focus of this setup.  (I have minimal stamp supplies here.)

crafting in garage

It is a little messy, but it’s a garage!

garage crafting

crafting in the garage

That’s pretty much it,  just two tables, and two chairs, two lights.  Next picture is the dresser I bought at an auction for $40.  It’s a very nice vintage oak dresser, and it helped me get stuff off the floor.


oak dresser

Above pic shows only wear is knob on bottom LH corner here, needs a little varnish.  Other than that, it was not scratched up, and not dirty, at all.  I didn’t have to clean any of it, before using. 

the inside drawers

Above shows the inside drawer lining.  Do you think it may have been for a child, LOL?  I don’t care, it’s a craft room.  Disney doesn’t bother me any, I think it’s cute.  Besides, that stuff is stuck on there good, and it’s very clean, doesn’t even have a musty smell, or anything.


Hello Snow White!  Bambi and Jiminy Cricket!  (How appropriate.)


No, I’m not trying to get rich on Antiques Roadshow or anything, thought the label might tell me when it was made, but no luck.  It’s still pretty, and metal, so thought I may as well include it here.

So that’s what I have so far.  I hope to get my “real” craft room picture ready in the next few days.  I’ve already used it, and have minimal work to finish, mainly getting stuff out of totes.  Everything in the garage pictures above is already in my room.

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“Winter Woodland” cards

September 5, 2009 Leave a comment

I worked on these 2 cards tonight.  On “let it snow”, I used Cricut cartridge “Winter Woodland”, stickles, pebbles, and some ribbon.  I believe the wording was cut at 3″.  I used DCWV glitter cardstock, for the words.  SU brown cardstock for the shadow layer.  Snowflakes were cut with matte white cardstock.  I used stickles on the points of the snowflakes. 

Pebbles at the card edges.  Cut a thin blue ribbon, and tied it in a bow.  I used “Tombow aqua adhesive”,  to attach the bow, and the pebbles.  I finished it off with a little bit of distress with an SU classic brown ink pad.

Let it snow card

The second card also is using DCWV glitter cardstock.  It is the square snowflake at the bottom, and also the words.  I believe I used DCWV textured cardstock for the word shadows in this one. 

I came in with a fine tip black micron pen, for the bird’s eye, skater’s eye, and skate laces.  I used white matte cardstock for the skater base.  I colored her skin with a pastel pencil.  For the very fine layer pieces, I glued with a zig pen, and used a tool from Archiver’s, to hold the pieces.  It has a tacky end, and it is wonderful for all the small pieces!

Winter Woodland card

I also used a silver metallic galaxy marker, to color the bottom of her skates.  I gave her a small red set of lips, with the fine tip of a red SU marker.  Her dress is made of DCWV patterned scrapbook paper.  The skates are red SU cardstock.  I also distressed the edges of the card, with the brown SU ink pad.  It is a great chocolate color, I use it alot!

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Goodies in the mailbox!

September 5, 2009 Leave a comment

This picture pretty much speaks for itself.  $52 and change for all of this stuff!

New Stuff

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