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Cricut Expression/ Freezer Paper T-Shirt

This project was so much fun!  I read about the technique on the messageboards at www.cricut.com.  They have so much information on there, so much talent.

The T-shirts were on sale at “Micheal’s”, 5 for $10.  I only bought five.  But I plan to decorate them all.  All you need is a T-shirt, Cricut Expression and cartridges, freezer paper, fabric paint, and foam brush.  Also an iron that steams, to heat set the paint.

Freezer Paper T-shirt done

Freezer Paper T-shirt done

Freezer Paper T-shirt close-up

Freezer Paper T-shirt close-up


The cartridges that I used for this project are “Plantain Schoolbook”, for the lettering, and “Indie Art”, for the crown.  Before you start, you may want to prewash the T-shirt, so it doesn’t warp, if it shrinks.  Then you need to choose the crown, from the “Indie Art” cartridge.  Put the freezer paper on your mat, shiny side up.  I positioned the blade in the center of the paper, so I would have plenty of room on all 4 sides.  Then I used the “center point” feature, so that it cut it out of the dead center of where I positioned the blade.  Cut crown at 3″, I believe.  Remove paper, and trim it up to where it’s comfortable margins for you.  Put paper shiny side down, onto T-shirt, and iron.

Freezer paper T-shirt painted

Freezer paper T-shirt painted


You don’t need to spend alot of time at this stage, you can tell when the paper adheres to the shirt.  And don’t move the iron around on the paper, just set and press.  If you have small pieces, like in the crown, it’s easier to put ALL of the pieces into place, and iron the whole thing to the shirt.  THEN, you can peel off the unwanted pieces, before you paint.

Freezer paper T-shirt, ironed and painted

Freezer paper T-shirt, ironed and painted


I should have used something to help me center the image better.  In the finished photo, you can see that the crown is a little crooked.  Fortunately it’s not too noticable when wearing.  Next, you paint the crown and let dry.  I used “Tulip So Soft” fabric paint.  The instructions say to let dry at least 4 hours, then steam with iron, to heat set it.  Once you get it heat set, you can peel the paper off.  But I had to let mine dry somewhat, before removing the paper, because I got it a little wet, from the iron.  It’s just easier to remove.

After success with the crown, you have to cut out your letters.  To do this, you have to use the “Flip” feature, AND type your letters backwards.  I forgot to type backwards the first time, and had to redo the first of the letters.  Repeat the process , as for the crown, and you are done!

Freezer Paper T-shirt, drying

Freezer Paper T-shirt, drying

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  1. Nikki Smaga
    October 23, 2009 at 7:02 pm


    I saw this idea and loved it. My company, Craft-e-Corner, is making a newsletter. We sell die cut machines like the Cricut, Silhouette SD, and Slice. We are featuring the freezer paper t-shirt idea in one of our articles and I was wondering if I could use your images. For letting us use your images we will give you credit and even link to your blog. Let me know.



  2. Shell Harris
    April 21, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    Wow this is a great idea!! I was actually reading Nikki’s newsletter when I came across this project. Thanks so much for sharing!! Great idea!

    • craftygale
      April 22, 2010 at 7:55 am

      Thanks, Michelle. I’m really not sure who started this concept, but thought I would share how it works.

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