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Rose Card

Made this rose card tonight, when husband said I needed to send a card to his mother tomorrow, for her birthday.

Rose Card

I’m sure my husband thought I would have to go out and buy a card, but I told him what did he think I did with all my craft junk?  Duh, I make cards!  So I whipped this up in about an hour, since my room is not 100% organized yet, and I’m still experimenting with placement.  Had to search for a few things, and discovered that several ink pads are getting dry, ugh!  Guess I’ll have to buy a few at convention.

Anyway, it’s an A2 card, I generally make this size.  Pastel purple background, with a matte white background.  I took a cottonball, and swabbed some SU fuschia chalk on the white, then used a chalk eraser, (and ruler), to make the lattice background.  Cut to fit, and wrapped the ribbon around, before glueing.

After I got this ready, I used the WIMG cartridge to cut a rose border (funct key), and cut at 3″, I think it was.  Had to size up, and I think this is what worked.  Then I used pink embossing PUFF powder, to color in the petals.  (This is the heat emboss powder.)  Had a little baggie from a convention, a few years ago, and never used it.  I do like the effect.

For the finishing touches, I cut a small piece of ribbon, to tie a bow around the already attached ribbon, stamped the word “joy” (SU), in SU garden green, and “Happy Birthday”, on the inside, in the same color.  It still needed something, so I took a Distress pad, and lightly inked the sides, in a light brown.  I wanted to put a ribbon slide on, instead of the bow, but I didn’t have any handy.  In fact, I don’t know where I put the few that I have.  Could have die cut one, but I really was trying to get it finished.

At first I didn’t know if the green pad would work, but it stamped great.  I store all my pads upside down, except the new ones that are made so you don’t have to.  This was an old pad, which I seem to have many old ink pads, and I will have to check them all out.  Many are dried out, or close to it.  When I inked the stamp, it didn’t look very wet, I was surprised it worked so well.

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