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Coloring with Crayons

(Note the tablecloth is blue checkerboard, it is not part of the project!)

Stamp Convention 2009 068

This was an interesting project!  We made this, at the “Design and Treasure” class, on Friday night.  It was actually kind of fun.  We got a small piece of illustration board that had the prestamped image already on it.  (Stamped in black ink.)  Then we took crayons, and colored in the image, at random.  Then we took a black ink pad, and spread ink all across the image.  After wiping off the ink, we took a pair of scissors, and scratched out designs, like a scratchboard project.  Then most people let the lady doing the demo have them, as she promised to clearcoat them with her special glaze. 

I was the only one that did not have her take it, to finish.  Everyone else’s designs looked so pretty, and mine looked so dark.  Guess I didn’t press hard enough with the crayon, for a good resist.  So I took mine home, and lightly sanded it, and it helped some.  I had some clear crystal laquer that I coated mine with.  It turned out better than it started, but I still think it’s too dark.  I may try this project on my own, and color harder with the crayons next time!  The company for this one was “Stamp Zia”.

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