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Rolling Tote for the Expression

I received my new tote for the Expression machine today, and it’s not a project, but I thought I’d share, to show everyone how nice this bag is!

Cricut Tote

It was so exciting to get this!  I can’t wait to use it, I often take my machine to other people’s houses.  It was not my first choice, in the color department.  I wanted to get the one that was all pink, with brown accents.  That one was not polka-dotted.  This was my second choice.  I got it because it was about $20 cheaper.  I don’t know why, it was the same bag, from the same place.

Cricut Tote

As you can see, it has two roomy pockets on the outside.  I keep the Cricut markers here, and the spatula, a bone folder, zig pen, small scissors, and a few Stanley picks.

Cricut Tote

The above pic shows the inside, and the straps that lock the machine into place.  There is a nice padding in the bottom, and those straps have Velcro, so the machine does not move around.  I put my machine in there, and lock it down.  Then I put in the cord, a Xyron sticker machine, three boxed cartridges, and a folder with cut images.  I fold the folder over the machine, as it is a 12″x12″ size.  I didn’t get a good shot of the nice little pocket on the inside lining.  I put my 3, 12″x12″ mats in there, and fold over the machine, as well.  This bag is so roomy, it seems to fit everything in it!

Cricut Tote

The picture above shows the rollerblade wheels, that most nice bags have, nowadays.  You can also see the shoulderstrap, although I doubt I’ll be using it, since it’s pretty heavy, when full.

Cricut Tote

Here you can see it on the wheels, with the handle pulled out.  It’s so pretty, the dog is checking it out too!  You can get one at www.amazon.com.  Just type in “Cricut Expression Rolling Tote”.  The only bad thing about it is they are very limited in colors, and there are mostly polka dots.  I’m not really into polka dots, but I like the pink and brown together.  For the die hards, they have a white with green polka dots.   Happy shopping!

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