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Cricut Flower Pot

Here’s one of my latest Cricut projects.  I decided to dress up some cheap plastic flower pots, with designs.  I bought a roll of Contact paper, as it was cheap.

Cricut Flowerpot

I mostly  used the “Walk in my Garden” cartridge.  There are some “Paper pups”, “Home Accents”, “Home Decor”, and maybe a little “Indie Art”.  Not much of the last one, though, if any.

Cricut Flowerpots

I used a blade depth of “4”.  Pressure setting all the way, and speed set at high, unless it was an intricate design, or something really small.  Then I set it at minimum speed.

Cricut Flowerpot

Cricut Flowerpot

Cricut Flowerpot

I watched a video where someone put the paper on the mat upside down.  I did this for several of these.  Then I tried it right side up, and they seemed to work just as well.  I really don’t think it made a difference.  Good luck, and have fun with your summertime crafting!

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    August 8, 2009 at 5:55 pm


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