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Holographic chipboard Title

I decided to make a geneology book for my dad.  He’s been hitting the internet, finding all kinds of photos, and articles, to go with our family history.  This is something I made to put on the book.  (Note: The book is far from being done, but I am slowly working on it.) 


I actually had this done, for awhile, I’m trying to catch up on my posts, with what I have done.  For the chipboard, I used an empty Drumstick ice cream box.  I think the cartridge was “Home Accents”.  I’m sorry I do not remember what size I cut it at.  Looks like somewhere around 2-3″. 


After cutting the chipboard, I then made the same cut, using this really thin, red holographic paper I bought at convention several years ago, and never used.  I have different colors, but I thought red would look good for this project.  And of course, I lowered the blade depth, because the paper is really thin.


This shows the finished design.  I just used a Zig two way glue pen, to adhere to the chipboard.  The paper was so thin, I was able to glue small amounts at a time, lining it up perfectly, keeping the unglued portion flipped backward.  It was very easy!

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